Saturday, May 7, 2011

"In Lynchburg, there's nothing but whiskey and time."

Day 3: The Jack Daniel's tour

"I'm from LA - lower Alabama" twanged Scarlett, our tour guide, at the top of the tour.

She took us on a bus (driver's name - Porky) to see where they make their own sugar cane charcoal.  This is used to purify the whiskey, making it a Tennessee whiskey.  This, Scarlett told us, is what makes it different than those SOBs - Some Other Brand.

Porky takes our picture

We then walked to the crystal clear waters of the cave spring, used to make the whiskey, and toured the original office of Jack himself.

We walked through the various buildings where the grain is fermented, filtered, barreled, tasted, and bottled, and were offered the chance to buy our very own barrel (53 gallons) of whiskey, and thereby get our name on a plaque.  We declined, sadly.

This black moss grows on all the trees around the distillery due to the whiskey fumes in the air.  It isn't harmful.  They used to search for bootleggers in the woods during Prohibition by looking for this moss on the trees.

We rounded out the tour with a free glass of JD yellow label, for it is located in a dry county.


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